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Exercise Shaheen-II (2013) and Exercise Shaheen-III (2014) (Update - Feb 2015 )

Exercise Shaheen-III was conducted between PAF and PLAAF at PAF Base Rafiqui. This was third exercise of this series initiated in 2011. Both air force’s aircraft performed head-to-head in simulated air combat and surface attack missions. Chinese AF team was also complemented by logistics support (including tanker trucks) for refueling of Chinese fighters.

The particiaption of Chinese J-10 Multirole fighters and J-7C aircraft provided both airforces the oppurtunity to improve specific skills and on Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT). Such exercise help air powers align their challenges vis–ŕ–vis counter strategies, train and plan accordingly in changing threat environment.

pakistan_air_force_exercise_shaheen_2014_01 pakistan_air_force_exercise_shaheen_2014_02 pakistan_air_force_exercise_shaheen_2014_03
Exercise Shaheen-II (2013)
Exercise Shaheen II was held at Hotain in September 2013. PAF No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA and No.23 Sqn F-7PG aircraft participated in this exercise against PLAAF J-10 and J-7 aircraft. PAF aircraft flew all the way from Masroor Air Base, Karachi to Hotain, China to participate in the exercise. J-10's performance with high-maneuvering, greater thrust and larger radar (as compare to Mirages & F-7s) fitted the profile of an agressor aircraft.
j-10_plaaf_f-7pg_paf_exercise_shaheen_2013 j-10_plaaf_mirage_paf_exercise_shaheen_2013 pakistan_air_force_chinese_plaaf_pilots_exercise_shaheen_2013

Exercise Bright Star 2009 (Update - Feb 2015 )

Exercise Bright Star 2009 was multi-national exercise conducted in Egypt. Air Forces from Egypt, Pakistan and France participated in the Exercise. The exercise also contained counter-terrorism training for ground forces and employment of joint-warfare techniques to counter enemy forces.

PAF's No.7 Sqn "Bandits" Mirage-IIIEA aircraft participated in surface attack and interdiction role.

pakistan_airforce_exercise_bright_star_2009_egypt_01 pakistan_airforce_exercise_bright_star_2009_egypt_04 pakistan_airforce_exercise_bright_star_2009_egypt_05

Indus Viper 2008 (Update - Feb 2015 )

To enhance interaction through mutual exercises, Air Forces of the brotherly countries of Pakistan and Turkey are conducted a joint operational Exercise Indus Viper, which will provide an opportunity to combat crew of both the Air Forces to acquaint themselves with applied tactics of air power. Turkish Air Force’s contingent arrived with five F-16 C/D aircraft and 50 personnel at PAF Base, Mushaf, Sargodha Monday, to participate in the exercise. The exercise lasted for 10 days.

exercise_indus_viper_2008_09 exercise_indus_viper_2008_010 exercise_indus_viper_2008_011 paf_turkish_air_force_indus_viper2008_02

paf_turkish_air_force_indus_viper2008_01 paf_turkish_air_force_indus_viper2008_03 paf_turkish_air_force_indus_viper2008_04 paf_turkish_air_force_indus_viper2008_05

Anatolian Eagle 2007/2008



Exercise Shaheen-I 2011

Exercise Shaheen-I (meaning "Falcon" in English) was the first version of this joint Pak-China air force exercise held in March 2011 at Rafiqui Air Base, Shorkot Pakistan.

PLAAF contingent comprising SU-27UBK Multirole fighters from 8th flight Academy (also known as "Agressors" ) participated in the exercise. The Exercise covered various air-to-air and air-to-ground combat scenarios. PAF's Mirage-VEF, F-7PG and JF-17 also participated in Dis-similar Air Combat Training (DACT) missions with PLAAF Sukhois.

exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_01 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_02 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_03
exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_04 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_05
exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_02 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_03 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_04
exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_06 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_05_irst
exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_08 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_012 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_013
exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_010 exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_su-27ubk_j-11_011_gibs_seat

Al-Saqoor-II 2011

Exercise Al-Saqoor-II ( meaning "The Falcons 2" in English) was the second version of this joint Pak-Saudi Arabia air force exercise initiated on January 6, 2011 and ended on January 19 on King Fahd Air Base in Taif, Saudia Aarbia.

PAF contingent comprising F-16 (No.11 Sqn) and Mirage-VEF (No.25 Sqn) aircraft, while RSAF element consisting of F-15 aircraft are participating in the exercise in which air operations are being executed in near realistic environment. The Exercise covered various air-to-air and air-to-ground combat scenarios. The first version of the same exercise was conducted in 2006.

al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_02 al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_03 al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_04
al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_05 al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_01
PAF and RSAF Officers along with PAF F-16B
, Mirage-V and RSAF F-15 aircraft at RSAF King Fahd Air Base, Taif, Saudi Arabia.

al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_06 al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_07 al-saqoor_pakistan_saudia_arabia_air_force_paf_rsaf_f-16_arrows_09
Pakistan Air Force Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman strapping up in the cockpit of a PAF F-16B Fighting Falcon.
Officer Commanding No.11 Sqn Wng Cdr Ali Naeem is assisting him.

Anatolian Eagle 2012-2

Anatolian Eagle 2012-2 conducted at Konya Air base, Anatolia Turkey saw participants from Turkey (F-4E/2020 ,F-5/2000, F-16-Block30/40/50), Pakistan (F-16 Block 15), UAE (Mirage-2000-9), Saudi Arabia (Tornado), Italy (EF-2000) and Jordan (F-16 MLU) head-to-head in a realistic air combat training exercise. Anatolian Eagle help pilots test and validate their combat readiness status by participating in joint tactical air operations with other air forces.

In the photos below; PAF F-16s are shown Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) pod and AIM-9L Sidewinder missile on wing tip. ACMI  records aircraft's in-flight data including speed, position, GPS coordinates etc. and relays the data to  Control and Computation Subsystem (CCS) back on the ground. All this data is display on a large screen in Advanced Display and Debriefing Subsystems (ADDS), which  receives data from the CCS and displays it in a three-dimensional graphics. Aircraft which are shotdown during air combat mission are moved out from the formation. The mission debrief sessions at the command center helps pilots understand their short commings and mistakes.

Photos by Ali Mithat Özdoğan

Photos by Zafer Buna

High Mark 2005


High Mark 2010



Red Flag / Green Flag 2010-4

Red Flag, a realistic combat training exercise involving the air forces of the United States and its allies, is conducted on Nevada's vast bombing and gunnery ranges. Red Flag exercise normally involves a variety of interdiction, attack, air superiority, defense suppression, airlift, air refueling and reconnaissance aircraft. Six F-16Bs of PAF flew over 7,700 miles from Mushaf Air Base in northern Pakistan to Las Vegas to fly and train in Red Flag 10-4 and Green Flag 10-9 exercises at Nellis AFB.

Red Flag 10-4 had personnel from 16 different countries, including units from Pakistan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Also participating was a NATO unit from Germany and U.S. Navy, Marines and Air Force units.


PAF Exercises 1989-1998

During the era from 1989-98 PAF conducted a number of national exercises these include High Mark89, 93, 95, Inspired Alert-96
and Saffron Bandit exercises as well. The primary focus in these exercises was to achieve war objectives within minimum time.

These exercises played a great role in increasing the readiness of PAF.








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