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Pictures of No.26 Sqn's A-5 during routine training missions. By April 2011, both A-5 squadrons (No.16 and No.26 Sqn) were re-equipped

 with JF-17 Thunder aircraft. More here

No.26 Sqn A-5 flying over snow clad

mountains. On Feb 2010, the unit became

 the first operational squadron of JF-17 Thunder

No.16 Sqn A-5 in early 90s.

A-5 is an improved attack version of F-6,

 its stronger wings allow it to carry more

air to ground weaponry

A-5s from No.7 Sqn in mid80s

A-5 being loaded with HAFR-2 anti-runway bombs

Flight line of No.16 Sqn A-5 based at Peshawer

No.26 Sqn A-5 formation over Kohat

No.26 Sqn A-5 during a training flight

No.26 Sqn A-5s formation

No.26 Sqn A-5 flying over Peshawer

No.7 Sqn A-5s in box formation

No.16 Sqn A-5s flying over Northern Punjab

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