JF-17 Thunder

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JF-17 with its armoury at Zhuhai air show 2012. Prominent on extreeme left is 900kg CM-400AKG Stand Off Missile (SOM); believed to have a speed of Mach4+ and an impressive range of 180-250 km.



JF-17 Thunder Time Line

A collection of Project JF-17 related pictures from its inception to induction in Pakistan Air Force.






Panther's JF-17 landing after completion of

air combat training flight at ACMI range

during Exercise Saffron Bandit 2013. The aircraft is

equipped with PL-5 Captive-Air-Training-Missile-(CATM).


JF-17 taking off to participate in Dubai Airshow'2013. Earlier PAF JF-17,

K-8 and Mushshaks have participated in

Dubai Air show 2011.


JF-17 from No.16 Sqn returns home after

a successful training sortie. PAF has been

employing JF-17 in Test & Evaluation (T&E)

and air defence role.


Close up shot of JF-17 cockpit.


JF-17 afterburner seen during take off roll

with three fuel tanks - July 2013.


JF-17 passing by flight lines of No.26 MR Sqn

at Peshawer air base.

jf-17_thunder_pakistan_air_force_no_16_sqn_03 jf-17_thunder_pakistan_air_force_no_16_sqn_04


Pictures on No.16 Sqn JF-17s Sr # 12-138 and 12-142 performing at Dubai International Air Show 2013.
jf-17_thunder_no_26_sqn_black_spiders_izmir_01 jf-17_thunder_no_26_sqn_black_spiders_izmir_02


Pictures on No.26 Sqn JF-17s Sr# 09-112 and 10-114 performing at Izmir Air Show 2011. More pictures here.

JF-17 armed with 2000lbs Mark-84 bomb on centerline pylon. JF-17 can carry variety of General Purpose Bombs, Laser Guided and Glide Guided precision munitions.



JF-17 painted in Pakistani flag scheme belonging to No.26 Sqn perparing for a training flight from Minhas AB, Kamra.




JF-17 # 07-103 was the third JF-17 delivered to PAF in 2007 and was extensively used for Test & Evaluation (T&E) flights till 2010 before formally handed over to No.26 MR Sqn.



'Black Panthers' JF-17 Sr.# 11-124 and 11-128 armed with PL-5E missile training rounds, 1000 litre fuel tanks underwing and MK-82 General Purpose Bombs for 'High-Low' profile mission.




No.16 Sqn JF-17 banking to its right during a training flight. In July'2013, China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) presented a model of proposed two-seat version of FC-1 aircraft at Le Bourget air show for export purpose.


Klimov RD-93 engine undergoing testing before installation onto aircraft. RD-93 has been robust and trusty worthy engine for JF-17. It was tested in all kinds of temperature ranges in Pakistan.



JF-17 formation fitted with two 1,000 litre
underwing fuel tanks and an 800 litre tank
on the centreline station for ferry mission.


JF-17 taking off from Peshawer air base. The Divertless supersonic inlets (DSI) are very lighter and easier to maintain as they have no moving parts.


JF-17 formation perparing to take-off for Long-Range ferry flight mission to Europe. PAF JF-17s have participated in air shows in U.K, Turkey and China.


'Black spiders' JF-17 Sr.# 10-121 is one of the 45 JF-17 in operational service with PAF.


JF-17 taking off from Peshawer air base.




JF-17 pilot conduction last minute pre-flight checks, as the aircraft heads out for taxi run.



JF-17 Serial Production # 24 (SP-24) undergoing assembly at JF-17 production facility in PAC Kamra. This aircraft is now in operational service with PAF.


A snapshot from JF-17 assembly lines. Safety signages for Foreign-Object-Damage (FOD) are visible in background.



JF-17 preparing for a training flight. The aircraft belongs to No.16 Sqn 'Black Panthers'.



JF-17 Sr.# 09-111 with specially marked Pakistani flag color scheme.


JF-17 Thunder heading back to the squadron shelter after landing at Peshawer air base.



JF-17 Sr.# 08-108 with dark color scheme. The cockpit is designed in such a way that pilots have a clear view of aircraft.



JF-17 Thunder on the take-off roll. PAF has planned to place RD-93 engines in first two batches of total 100 JF-17.



JF-17 formation preparing for take-off with three external fuel tanks for greater range.



JF-17 deploying drogure chute after successfully completion of a training mission.



JF-17 taxiing from Minhas Air Base.


JF-17 wearing Pak-China color scheme during a

low pass over Minhas Air Base.



Blackspiders JF-17 all set for take-off. Note the pilot's handbooks and manuals lying in the cockpit.





No.26 Sqn JF-17 Thunder during a practise flight for Izmir air show 2011. More photos here.




JF-17 Thunder awaiting instructions to takeoff.


JF-17 pilot waving to camera after arriving

in China for Zhuhai Air show 2010.


Blackspiders JF-17 preparing to takeoff with

three external fuel tanks.


Thunders on 23rd March Parade (2008).

Pilots: OC JF-17 TEF Wng Cdr Ahsan (lead).

Wng Cdr Afzal, Sqn Ldr Rana Hakim Raza

and Sqn Ldr Khalid.


JF-17 Sr.# 08-108 is one of the two aircraft which

received dark colored markings during alternative

color scheme trials. This scheme fail to impress PAF,

current low-viz paint scheme was made the standard.


JF-17 with its armoury in Zhuhai Air show 2010.

Prominent weapons: KG-300G EW pod, C-802 AShM, SD-10A BVRAAM and PL-5E II SRAAM.



JF-17 Thunder taking off with two MK-82

500 pound bombs. [ Exercise High Mark 2010]


JF-17 Thunder taking off with a MK-84

2000lbs bomb. JF-17 can carry three of such bombs.[ Exercise High Mark 2010]


JF-17 Thunder rear tail section.
Inset: the outward curved portion houses the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR).


Pictures on newly built and un-makred Thunders. JF-17 Block-II will commence from mid - 2012 to 2016.

Flight line of JF-17 Thunders at PAC Kamra.


JF-17#101 in its special Pak-China color scheme.


JF-17 simulator with glowing MFDs.


JF-17 Thunder Integrated Control Panel (ICP)
and Heads Up Display (HUD). The information displayed on all these MFDs is interchangeable and pilot can easily switch information among them.



JF-17 cockpit's right auxiliary control panel. It includes secondary voice communication panel, avionics power management, aircraft data storage and transfer management, cockpit lights management and HUD management options.


JF-17ís stick with buttons for weapon release

(red one), missile override (top right), display management (top-left), countermeasures management (front bottom).


Thunder#107 heads back to its shelter

after a training mission.

JF-17#111 during Exercise High Mark 2010.

[JF-17 Roll out ceremony - 23 Nov 2009]

The Green Thunder (09-111)

JF-17's glass cockpit with three 6X8 inch wide

Multi Functional Displays (MFD)

Flight line of eight Thunders

Thunders during test and evaluation flight in 2009.

Thunder getting airborne.

JF-17 Sr. no 07-101.

Eight Thunders seen at T&E unit's tarmac

in August 2008.




Thunder formation taxiing out of T&E Sqn shelter at Minhas for an evaluation flight.





JF-17 making a touchdown after a

successful T&E flight.




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