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Talons in formation :
A formation of No.23 Sqn F-6 aircraft. The unit has the honour of operating F-6 since its inception to the last day of its service in PAF. F-6 was inducted in PAF on 31st Dec 1965 and was phased out on 27th March 2002.


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Mirages Break! :
A mid-90s era sketch showing
No.7 Sqn Mirages breaking over the Arabian Sea. In 1991, the unit was re-equipped with ex-RAAF Mirage-IIIEA

and Dual Seat Mirage-IIIDA aircraft replacing its A-5 ground support aircraft. Later in 1997 the squadron was re-equipped with ROSE upgraded Mirage-IIIEA aircraft.


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Griffins en-route to Red Flag :
Six F-16B from No.9 Sqn 'Griffins' getting refueled from an USAF KC-135 aircraft en-route to Exercise Red Flag. All the examples were allotted to unit in 2007/08. The unit also participated in Green Flag Exercise as well.


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Arrows in War of Terror:
No.11 Sqn  F-16A equipped with Laser Guided Bombs participating in Operation Rah-e-Nijat. The unit conducted a number of  Close Air Support (CAS) missions helping Pak Army troops operating against Taliban. The precision strikes conducted by F-16s became very helpful in taking out hideouts of insurgents.


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Thunder in action :
JF-17 Thunder dropping a 2000lbs Mk-84 bomb at a target. During High Mark Exercise, 2010 JF-17s performed in both Air to Air and Air to Ground missions. During the Fire power demo of exercise, all Mk-82/84 bombs became 'direct hit' at the designated targets.


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Block52s arrival :
Three  out of four first batch F-16 Block-52 shortly after entering Pakistani air space, 26th June, 2010. The formation made a pit stop at Saudia Arabia ,fourth one remained there due to technical problems and joined few days later.


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Falcons in flight :
A F-16 Block-52 formation from No.5 MR Sqn flying over Southern Punjab. The unit will continue its Reconnaissance Role with newly inducted Goodrich DB-110 reconnaissance pod. Since past few decades the unit was playing Tactical Attack & Reconnaissance Role operating Long Range Aerial Reconnaissance Photo (LORAP) and Infra-Red Line scan(IRLS)  pod for capturing transfrontier imagery.


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Desert Falcons :
A F-16C Block-52 flying over Jacobabad. All 18 Bk52 F-16s are delivered to PAF  from June- Dec 2010. No.5 MR Sqn operates the type

from Jacobabad Air Base, earlier the unit was the oldest operator of Mirage-III/V in PAF.


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F-6 squadrons in 80s :
A formation of F-6 aircraft from three different squadrons namely No.14, 25 and CCS F-6 Sqn.

F-6 remained in No.14 Sqn from July 1972- Aug 1986, in CCS from No.25 Sqn May1976- Nov 1992, and in No.25 Sqn From 1966 - 1995.

Cobras of Rafiqui :
Mirages from No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' during a training flight. In 2000, the unit was equipped with Mirage-VPA aircraft later in 2002/03 the unt conducted successful live drop of various munitions including stand off weapons (H-2/H-4).

Haiders in formation :
Four Mirage-VPA2/3 aircraft from No.8 Sqn 'Haiders', the unit received the type in March 1982 following by induction of AM-39 Exocet Anti shipping missile making it Ground and Maritime Attack Squadron.

Patrol over Karakorum :
A formation of F-16, Mirage and ECM configured Da-20 aircraft during a flight over Karakorum Range.

Chinese built Fighters :
A formation of Chinese built  F-7 and A-5 fighter aircraft. Since arrival of F-6 in 1966, PAF has acquired various types of  fighter aircraft

from China, to meet PAF' s requirements changes have been made as well.

Black Spiders A-5 flying over coastal area:
A No.26 Sqn A-5 flying over coastal area of Balouchistan. The unit operated A-5 III from Jan 1983-Feb 2010. All of No.26 Sqn' s A-5 were allotted to No.16 Sqn after its replacement with JF-17 Thunder.


The Red Sabre:
A member of an aerobatic team of red Sabres, call sign "Red Dragons". The team participated in an air display held on 9 March 1967, H M Raza Shah Pehlavi, the Shahinshah of Iran was Chief guest of the occassion held at Jamrud range.

F-7 pilot portrait:
A portrait of F-7 pilot. Combat Commanders School (CCS), No.2, 14, 18 and No.19 Sqn operate the F-7P aircraft where as No.17, 20 and 23 Sqn operate F-7PG aircraft.

The Arrows :
No.11 MR Sqn F-16s during a routine flight. The unit was the first recipient of F-16s in Jan,1983.

Cheetah's F-7PG :
No.20 Sqn became the third recipient of F-7PG aircraft in 2003
. The unit operates from Rafiqui Air Base, Shorkot.

The Tigers:
Tigers F-7PG returning home after a successful mission.
Tiger's 50 years :
A No.17 Sqn F-7PG colored in Tiger Color scheme on the golden jubilee of squadron. No.17 Squadron was established at Mauripur (Karachi) on

1 April 1957, under the command of Sqn Ldr M.Z. Butt.

The Squadron took an active part in the war between India and Pakistan in September 65 under the dynamic leadership of Sqn Ldr Azim Daudpota. The role assigned to the squadron, at PAF Base Sargodha, mostly involved close support to the army in Sialkot, Lahore and Khem Karan sectors. Sqn Ldr Azim Daudpota and Flt Lt Saif ul Azam of this squadron were awarded Sitara-e-Jurat for their professionalism in the 1965 war.

In October 1971, squadron moved to PAF Base Rafiqui from where it carried out war operations. The squadron returned to Masroor (Karachi) at the end of December 71. The squadron was moved from Masroor (Karachi) to Samungli (Quetta) for permanent deployment on 25 May, 1983. In March 2002,after serving 36 years F-6 retired from PAF and was replaced by Chinese built Double Delta F-7PG aircraft, No.17 & No.23 became the recipients of F-7PG. Later in 2003 No.20 Sqn became the last squadron to get F-7PG.

Farmer's last climb :
A F-6 during its farewell flight on March 27, 2002. F-6 remained in service from 1966-2002.

Mirage in flight :
A Mirage-V flying over a rocky mountains.

CCS Mirage-III :
CCS Mirage-III during a routine flight.

Ghazi's Mirage :
Ex-RAAF Mirage-IIIDA aircraft during a training sortie.

Tail Choppers & Op Sentinel :
No.14 Sqn F-7's flying with C-130 aircraft. During Operation Sentinel, some F-7s of the Minhas based unit were posted to Chaklala.

Mirage-V at sunset :
A Mirage-V aircraft at sunset.

F-16s on a dusk sortie :
A F-16 formation during a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) mission at sunset in Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1988). The F-16s played a vital role in guarding western border during the war, round the clock day and night CAP were conducted to search for any intruder in Pakistani territy. The Pakistan Air Force F-16s shot down at least 10 intruders from Afghanistan between May 1986 and January 1989 during the Soviet-Afghan war and suffered one loss while chasing the intruders albeit to its own shooting down of an F-16.

During the Afghan war, PAF flew a total of 10,939 sorties and logged 13,275 hours.

Evening & Falcon:
A F-16 during an evening patrol.

Griffins Flight Line :
A F-16B leaving the squadron ramp for a training sortie.

Mirage & Air Defence :
ROSE-III Upgraded No.25 Sqn Mirage-VEF flying over an Air Defence site on a mountain peak.

Mirage-VPA2 over Badshahi Mosque :
No.8 Sqn Mirage-VPA2 flying over
The Badshahi Mosque ('King's Mosque') in Lahore. It is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the fifth largest mosque in the world.

Thunders over Arabian Sea :
A JF-17 formation lying over Arabian Sea.

JF-17s in Flight :
JF-17 formation during a T & E Flight.

Indus Viper 2008 :
A TUAF No.115 Filo flying with No.9 Sqn, PAF F-16 during Indusviper2008 exercise. In Jun 2008, Turkish Air Force’s contingent arrived with five F-16 C/D aircraft and 50 personnel at PAF Base, Mushaf, Sargodha Monday, to participate in the exercise. The exercise last for 10 days.
Sharp Shooters Demo Bird :
A No.18 Sqn ' Sharp Shooters' F-7P used by the squadron in 1990s. The beautiful color scheme made it favorable for air displays. On June 20, 1988F-7P was inducted in PAF as an interceptor / air defence fighter. By 1990, 80 F-7s ( 20 from Hand Shake-I, 60 from Hand Shake-II) were flying in four squadrons of PAF namely No.20, 18, 19 and No.2 Sqn.
The Journey to Konya:
An Egyptian Air Force Mirage-2000 escorting PAF F-16s during a pit stop in Egypt for participation in Anatolian Eagle 2004 exercise.

PAF visited ‘ Anatolian Eagle 2004/3’ which marked PAF’ s first appearance in a major-multinational exercise in 30 years. The exercise provided PAF with great chance to see how well they could operate with other air forces.

Later on PAF F-16s also participated in Anatolian Eagle 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The two soldiers:
A formation of F-16 & JF-17 flying over Jehlum river. In Feb 2010, No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders' became the first recipient of JF-17 Thunder in an operational squadron. All the A-5s of No.26 Sqn were given to No.16 Sqn, which now contains a good strength of A-5 aircraft and few FT-6 being used for conversion on A-5 ground support aircraft.

Thunders & IL-78 :
Two JF-17s flying with IL-78 refueler. The first IL-78 refueler joined PAF in Nov 2009, earlier a Ukrainian IL-76MD was loaned by PAF to do initial training and conversion on the aircraft. Pakistan Air Force has purchased a total of 4 IL-78P Midas tanker aircraft have from the Ukraine. These aircrafts are equipped with Soviet-designed UPAZs pods and refueling kits on Mirage-III Rose-I is of South African origin. In first stage PAF has announced that 30 Mirage-III Rose-I will be upgraded with in-flight refueling probes and this too is being done at PAC kamra.

The IL-78s will give the PAF its first airborne refueling capability. They will help train Pakistani crews in mid-air refueling techniques, and once operational will be used to refuel the Mirage-III, eventually JF-17 Thunder.


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